Spirit-Health Connections
What health benefits can be linked to religious or spiritual practice?What are some alternatives to the often idealized post-retirement 'leisure lifestyle?'How can physicians approach spirituality in their profession?How can I talk with a patient about spiritual distress when I am not religious?How can religious faith be used in treating mental health?Why is addressing spirituality in health care important?Where can we find support networks for our aging population beyond the health care system?What prayers or rituals can I use when comforting a patient with religious beliefs that are different than my own?Why should health care providers incorporate spirituality into their care of patients?

Welcome to Spirit-Health Connections

Where health care providers, spiritual care providers, educators, and researchers will find free resources on integrating spirituality and healing.

  • Doctors, nurses, and anyone in the allied health care professions will find a great deal of information particularly relevant to their work in the page for Health Care Providers.
  • The page for Spiritual Care Providers is crafted principally to meet the needs of parish nurses, hospital or military chaplains, palliative care providers, and others who are often called upon to provide comfort to those who are suffering.
  • Researchers and educators who will be shaping the future of the medical profession will also find special sections just for them, full of bibliographic and pedagogical resources to help with their efforts.

Be sure to check back often for cutting edge research, information on recent publications, and news about this relatively young field of study.

Making Health Care Whole    
Making Health Care Whole
Integrating Spirituality into Patient Care
Christina Puchalski, MD
and Betty Ferrell, PhD, RN

"A scholarly review of the field as well as a practical resource with specific recommendations to improve spiritual care in clinical practice,"
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